Monday, 18 March 2013

40+ Definitions to know what is content

There is hype about content marketing like Content is: engaging,compilation of information,provides information to the viewer etc. Want to know more about content read full article here:

Friday, 16 November 2012

Google: One Quality Site Better Than Many Sites

Google's John Mueller answered to a query in Google Webmaster Help: Build one great site, as opposed to building many smaller sites. He wrote:
I'd recommend focusing on a single website, instead of this collection of sites that you have now. In particular, I'd make sure that your single website is of the highest quality possible, that it contains unique (not rewritten / spun / reprocessed) content, content that's relevant to the users of your site and compelling to them. Don't keep this collection of low-quality sites, it's really much better overall to focus on making a single fantastic site instead. So if you are creating a strategy which needs involvement of multiple sites - make sure you have enough quality to go around.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

+1 Metrics Gone from Google Webmaster Tool

Many folks are asking what happened to the +1 metrics within Webmaster Tools. The feature that was included in Google Webmaster Tools on June 28, 2011 and is gone now? Why? Well, Google's reply was they are removing it. They said in late September, that +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools is also going away on November 14th. They wrote:

"We introduced +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools to help publishers measure +1 activity on their pages. Given that webmasters now use Social Reports in Google Analytics to get a wider view of social activity (including +1’s), we'll be discontinuing the stand-alone +1 Reports on November 14. Measuring social media remains a priority for Google Analytics, so stay tuned for future improvements." So now if you login to your Google Webmaster Tools you will not see the +1 Metrics option.